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For example, average users will rarely click a link for "corporate governance," but that destination page can be important for sophisticated investors or business journalists. This is one of the few cases in which an obscure link label enhances usability: People who don't know the term "corporate governance" won't click it (because people don't click links they don't understand). In this case, that's okay — users who don't know the term probably won't need the associated information.

At the top of your content pyramid, a good tagline helps users understand the rest of the site by providing context for the detailed content. Similarly, reading the organizational summary gives them context for the fact sheet that follows it on the main About Us page.

Summary statements often degenerate into worthless mission statements with feel-good verbiage and no specifics. One site had the following bold-faced summary at the top of its About Us page: "X Corporation provides highly specialized services to businesses of all types throughout North America." Aside from giving the company's geographical focus, this content-free statement was useless and prompted one test user to remark, "I still don't know what they do."

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